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Success comes more easily with the right tools for the job

Registering with the Gateway gives you full access to our range of helpful tools, making it easier to live a healthier lifestyle. Choose some realistic targets to aim for and then simply and easily create your individual programme for each one.

Our tools allow you to record and monitor your progress in all areas of health, fitness and wellbeing as well as letting you add new targets and challenges when you feel ready to do so.


To help you live a healthier lifestyle, we have taken eight of the most common health and fitness goals, and created a programme to help you focus on achieving each one.

Whether you want to drop a jean size, have more energy or sleep better, just select the programme and it will install all the tools you need.

Better Sleep


Maintaining your motivation is crucial. To keep things interesting, we've come up with a series of challenges. Could you climb the height of Everest on your stairs? Or run the distance from your home to Paris? Sign up to challenges as an individual or as part of a team, and embrace your competitive spirit!

Run to Paris

Articles and expertise

The sheer amount of health and fitness information in newspapers, magazines or online can often seem confusing or contradictory. Once you've registered with the Gateway, you will have access to our wide selection of articles, offering well-researched, sensible recommendations and clear information that you can rely on.

With the Gateway you’re in control

The Gateway has been designed on the principle that taking small, manageable changes builds healthy habits for life. By equipping you with the tools to monitor your daily health and fitness habits, and offering advice on a wide range of health and wellbeing topics, we can help you achieve a happier, healthier future.

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The tools and information that are most important to you are available at a glance on your personal dashboard, allowing you to navigate them easily.

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Select the tools that will help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself. These can all be personalised to your own requirements.

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Track your progress and see the success you’re having. Keep it up to date with all of your efforts and you'll be amazed at how far you've come.

The AXA Health Age Calculator

Have you ever wondered what impact your lifestyle is having on your health? Or how healthy you are compared to others your age? Our Health Age Calculator gives you an instant snapshot, by identifying your real age, based on your answers to a few key questions.

The Health Age Calculator tool will help to highlight the areas where you can make small changes to start improving your Health Age score.

When it comes to your Health Age, you can become younger by making small changes to your diet, fitness and lifestyle. Once you begin making changes, check your Health Age every three months, so you can see the impact on your body.

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